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with 1-O.A.K., MK SMITH

The Independent, San Francisco, CA
May 16, 2014 / DOORS: 8:00 PM


The Independent

628 Divisadero St,
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 771-1421


Zion I are a musical group from Oakland, California. The duo consists of producer AmpLive and MC Zumbi. The group is known to its followers for Amp’s futuristic production techniques, using a mix of live instrumentation and samples, and Zumbi’s positive and socially conscious lyrics. Zion I debuted in 1997 with the locally distributed cassette-only EP Enter the Woods. Their first single on Indie label Ground Control Records, Inner Light paved the way for an album deal. In 2000, they released the critically acclaimed Mind Over Matter. In total, they have released seven studio albums, Mind Over Matter (2000), Deep Water Slang V2.0 (2003), True & Livin’ (2005), Break a Dawn (2006)—a Japan exclusive,Heroes in the City of Dope (2006)—a collaborative album with The Grouch: The Take Over (2009), Atomic Clock(2010), and in 2011 another collaborative album with The Grouch: Heroes in the Healing of the Nation.


Zion-I, “Masters of Ceremony”

The otherwise worldly Zion-I drop a track thats strictly Oaklandish in character, from the flows to the drum samples. Also, peep the Sister Nancy sample, about… Watch


Zion-I, “Supreme”

​The graf themed video for this Zion-I track features San Francisco graf artist Apex. Off of their new EP Masters of Ceremony. Watch


Zion-I feat. Collie Buddz, “Sex Wax”

​Zion-I is showing off their versatility on ShadowBoxing, as they prove they can rock any kind of party. This one is for the nightlife/colored lights crowd,… Watch


Zion-I, “The Vapors”

​Zion-I celebrates 4/20 with a video dedicated to their favorite mind alterance. Its the title track off their free EP The Vapors, also released today. Watch


Zion-I, “ShadowBoxing”

Naturally, the video for the title track to Zion-I’s new LP ShadowBoxing is going to feature a few roundhouses. Watch


Zion-I feat. D.U.S.T., Codany Holiday, “Trapped Out”

Zumbi and D.U.S.T. puts down their thoughts about the trap, and it’s not all gold chains and rubber bands. New from Zion-I’s ShadowBoxing. Watch


Zion-I, “Reload”

Zion-I is refusing to be typecast, as the Oakland duo looks to Dexbeats’ trance-meets-trap beats for an vibe less expected. Watch


Zion-I, “Human Being”

The beat might had been made by machines but only people can make it bounce like this. Here’s Zumbi and AmpLive’s second release from ShadowBoxing. Watch


Zion-I feat. Eligh, The Grouch, “We Don’t”

Zion-I, Eligh and Grouch take footage from their Rock The Bells sets for this montage featuring a track from Zion-I’s forthcoming Shadowboxing project. Watch