Behind the scenes mini documentary with Jay-Z, Kanye and “Watch The Throne”

July 24, 2011

As if intentionally leaking “Otis” wasn’t enough, Jay and Yeezy [update: now henceforth known as “The Throne”] got their cinéma vérité on and were filmed in the studio and their surroundings in a private estate in Australia while recording their new album collaboration. In the promo, Jay shares his thoughts on Kanye’s progression, Kanye shares some gifts with Jay, some new verses are revealed, Russell Crowe lights up when his name is dropped in Kanye’s lines, and everyone wonders what it would had been to be in the studio while Michael Jackson made “Thriller”. This label-produced short (Def Jam and Jay-Z together again, I just realized) is interesting and although not really all that substantial, it does whet the whistle a bit more.

posted: July 24th, 2011, 10:56am


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