Blue Scholars, “Marion Sunshine”

July 18, 2011

Seattle’s favorite native sons, Blue Scholars, reminisces about the sun in the studios of KEXP earlier this month and they have it on (proverbial) tape. Geologic, aka Prometheus Brown, whose dense, verbose lyrical style is becoming a shared characteristic with fellow Seattle acts like Macklemore and Shabazz Palaces, and producer Sabzi perform cuts from their latest release “Cinémetropolis”, self-published and released last month after they funded the recording of the album with a Kickstarter project and two thousand grassroots investors. The entire album can be streamed from their Bandcamp page. Here are a few more videos from KEXP, including “Yuri Kochiyama”, which pays tribute to a Japanese American who grew up in internment camps and later became an activist on the sides of people like Malcolm X and Mumia Abu Jamal.

posted: July 18th, 2011, 5:41pm


The Bar (Prometheus Brown & Bambu), “Coming (To America)”

Blue Scholar’s Geo aka Prometheus Brown hooks up with Bambu on the islands once again, this time to reflect on the diaspora. Track produced by The Physics’… Watch


Blue Scholars, “Anna Karina”

She’s a star. Sabs provides the Bhangra beats and willowy synths while Geo lavishes. Latest from their self-release, Cinematropolis Watch


Brothers From Another feat. Thig Nat and Geo, “Molly Moons”

Seattle’s Brothers From Another with tourmates Geo from Blue Scholars and Thig Nat from The Physics rap a sweet little ditty about ice cream, and the girls who… Watch


Blue Scholars, “Slick Watts”

The video to the song off of their Cinetropolis LP is a tribute to the grimier parts of Seattle you don’t see on TV. Watch

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