D.Prosper’s #ATOM 12.12.12 mixtape is out, features Jay Elec, FlyLo, DJ Khalil

December 12, 2012

In the mood for some rebel music? Mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore? family member D.Prosper today released his mixtape #ATOM 12.12.12 after teasing the project in a trailer released a week ago. The poet, songwriter, producer, and music exec has recruited some heavy hitters to the project, with the likes of Jay Electronica, Flying Lotus, DJ Khalil gracing the liner notes. Inspired by the work of artists like Public Enemy, Gil Scott-Heron, Rakim, and The Last Poets, D. has compiled a dense compilation of lyrics and textures, and should you get lost in the various meaning and things, you can check out RapGenius for exclusive discussion by the artist himself for more on the subtleties and nuances of the work.

Stream it live below, or download it here.

posted: December 12th, 2012, 2:30am


Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar - Never Catch Me

​“We ain’t dead said the children, don’t believe it. We just made ourselves invisible.” Stirring release from Flying Lotus with soldier of poetic truth… Watch


Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington, “Phantasm”

For FlyLo’s dreamy yet glitchy track from his last (label-released) album, we’re presented with surreal visuals of a person walking in the desert who is composed… Watch


DProsper & Flying Lotus, “Elephant Ride”

​The next subject in DProsper’s ultra-topical raps is the illicit ivory trade that is decimating African elephant populations, assist provided by Flying Lotus… Watch


#ATOM Monsanity! (A Short Film)

​D.Prosper takes aim at the industrial food complex and their unchecked use of GMO foods in his new “silent” film project, which with its holiday setting, is a… Watch


DProsper, “Get Some”

​More revolutionary raps from DProsper, whose cadence on the track made me think of Rakim from the first bars. Off of his #ATOM 12.12.12 mixtape. Watch


Mac Miller, S.D.S.

​Flying Lotus produces a track for Mac to hang his humble brags on. Mac Miller’s upcoming new album is called Watching Movies With The Sound Off. Watch