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Gallery: Juicy J plays host to the wildest party of the night

​Juicy J came to San Francisco last night and played host to what was probably the wildest party in the city that night.

Photos: Kevin Lee / April 18, 2014

No so much of a performance, no knock on Juicy J’s skills as a performer, but Juicy J definitely saw his job on Thursday night at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco as more a host or facilitator. Every good party, either in a house or a club, needs a good host to get the guests going. Of course, it’s not Juicy J’s job to get the party hyped to begin with, that task was capably done by KMEL’s DJ Amen, along with the night’s earlier DJs Sean D and Ruby Red-I, but Juicy kept the crowd hot. Not really giving a damn about the integrity of songs as complete works in of themselves or any kind of BS like that, he performed his catalog (and he reminded the audience about his long span of production, from the Katy Perry collab to the early Three 6 Mafia days) in bits of pieces, just enough to get and keep the crowd as hot as possible, like a DJ hot-mixing tracks one verse at a time. And in between takes, he threw things into the crowd: his Trippy Stix vape pens, dollar bills, alcohol (ok, he didn’t actually throw alcohol, but he poured out shots and champaign often) and his hand as well–pulling up people from the crowd to stage. What he got was one overflowing crowd at the usually intimate venue, all piled together and throwing themselves and their elbows up toward the stage for a solid hour and half, and all without a lull.

posted: April 18th, 2014, 4:24pm


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