George Watsky, “Stupidass” video

April 4, 2011

George Watsky dropped a new video on YouTube this morning. The YouTube superstar’s new video for his track, “Stupidass,” has a bit of a Memento feel to it, I think.

And here’s a bonus Watsky video, “Seizure Boy,” posted last month:

posted: April 4th, 2011, 10:55am


Watsky, “Dent in the Room”

​Baseball is the theme, funk is the groove, and worldwide is Watsky with this video filmed from the dozens of locations of his last tour. Latest from Cardboard Castles. Watch


Watsky, “Cardboard Castles”

​The title track from Watsky’s newest release celebrates creativity and craft, no matter how young the artist. Cardboard Castles is out now. Watch


Watsky, “Gummy Bear Hundrednaire” Remix

Might be the hardest flows we’ve seen from Watsky, but in the end, it’s still Watsky and his adorable tongue-twisting. Watsky is currently on tour with stops in… Watch


dahLak feat. Watsky, “Work”

The Sactown emcee is rocking them hyphy beats, but he’s got more than party and BS on his mind… Stand up against the wage slave trade y’all. Watch

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