“Glory”, ode to newborn daughter, is the rawest Jay-Z track in years

January 9, 2012

Raw as in emotion, that is. Jay-Z and Beyonce just celebrated the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, and I was about to leave that kind of news, as great as it is, to the industry out there that devotes itself to these kinds of things. But this is a music blog, and this track, posted on Jay’s blog Life+Times, is something else entirely. Remember on “Run This Town” when it sounded like Kanye killed Jay on his own track? And then we’d see that pattern repeat itself (in a lesser degree) on “New Day” off of Watch the Throne? Kanye is an emotional dude, and he lets that faucet of his go on full blast nearly every time he rhymes, especially since “808’s and Heartbreak”. And Jay-Z…well, he keeps his cool. Too cool sometimes, to the point of underwhelming. Well, Jay-Z finally lost his cool. As corny as it is to make a song about your child, Jay does it, and does it without care to the persona he projects. He takes his crazy person muttering (“glory, glory, glory, sorry”) and makes it the hook. He sprinkles a bit of insider info (the miscarriage) that got the gossip blogs in a tizzy. And the outcome is terrific.

posted: January 9th, 2012, 3:24pm


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