Ice-T’s “The Art of Rap” documentary trailer hits the streets

April 12, 2012

Ice-T—rapper, heavy metal vocalist, actor, reality TV star, and now, film director. The original gangster has helmed a documentary shown at the Sundance Festival and they’re now getting ready for the film’s big national debut. “Something out of Nothing: The Art of Rap” is a sprawling documentary where Ice-T talks to not literally (it just seems that way) every rapper alive about rap, from Bambaata, Rakim, and KRS-ONE, to Yasiin Bey, Kanye West and Eminem, and its trailer just hit the street (technically, the Internet, but whatever). And it does look to be special: all the other elements got their documentary treatments before (Skratch, Wild Style, and Planet B-Boy come to mind), but none of those were ever hosted by someone of the stature of Ice-T. If you were wondering what difference that makes, notice how chatty the usually reclusive Dr. Dre is in the trailer. The film is out June 15, chock-full of interviews and freestyles, and if you really need a review of it now, check out the Hollywood Reporter’s review from Sundance.

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