Jahi’s 10 Must Listen Summer Jams

August 7, 2011

Peace everyone. I’m going to do this like my radio show, Soulhop Radio, and say, less talk and more music. I hope everyone is enjoying the sun season of summer, no matter where you are.

1. “Tight Ship”, Stephen Marley

His new album Revelation Part One: The Root of Life is the best reggae album out this summer for uplifting Roots Reggae. “Tight Ship” gets my vote as one of the top 5 songs on the album.

Quotable: There’s no room for mistakes / we running a tight ship for sure
Get the broom sweep the place clear I space

2. Destani, “Truth”

Do yourself a favor and put this on Saturday afternoon and enjoy the vibes.

3. Gods’Illa: CPR The Blend Tape, mixed by Erykah Badu

Make sure you come see her live on August 12th in celebration of Ankh Marketing’s 7th Anniversary at the Mezzanine. Congratulations goes out to Ankh Marketing.

4. The Physics

Something new and smoothed out, so after you finish listening to rappers scream at you, here’s a way to balance it out. Good music alert.

5. Seun Kuti

Make sure you listen and share your comments about what his says about hip-hop and artists in the mainstream. I think he’s right. Let me know how you feel about it.

6. Roy Ayers

OG. 70 years old, and still fresh with a positive message about hip-hop and sampling.

7. Quincy Jones Live at the MAWAZINE 2011

Again, classic masters are what we are dealing with in this part of the 10 Must Listen Summer Jams, and Quincy Jones and the Naturally 7 show you what world music is really about, steeped in jazz, latin funk and soul.

8. Mahalia Jackson

Take yourself to church for a minute and get filled with the good spirit.

9. Gladys Knight and The Pips

Classic soul. Period

10. Jay-Z and Kanye West

I wasn’t going to do it because I’m sure they’ll probably be more lyrically that I won’t like more than I will on this 10th pick, but I can’t front, the way the lead up has been on this record, the promo and exclusive listening sessions, the 20 second trailer, and the amount of bad remixes to “Otis”—Watch The Throne has turned into a moment for hip-hop, specifically popular rap.

Enjoy your summer.

Jahi, a hip-hop artist and educator, writes a bi-weekly column on the music industry, politics, technology and education for He is the CEO of Microphone Mechanics, and an avid reader, chess player, and birdwatcher.


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