Jahi’s top 10 hip-hop websites

August 31, 2011

This is Africa

There’s a recent article on Ghana that is a must read, and a good representation of what Africa looks and feels like today.

I was featured on this site almost a decade ago. Based in South Africa, in blends what’s happening on the continent to what’s happening in the US in a unique and fresh way.

Questlove’s brainchild, this site is an epicenter of new music happenings inside hip-hop, soul, and fresh alternative flavors.

Temple of Hip-Hop

KRS-ONE’s site is still in development, but once completed, it will be the true center and site for authentic hip-hop culture. If you visit now, you’ll see one of the freshest freestyle ciphers.

HipHop DX

After upgrading their appearance, this site does a decent job of combining emerging artists with popular rap artists, offering more articles than gossip.

I appreciate their features section, and I normally can find out what’s emerging from the underground in the UK on this site.

Sometimes they follow the latest trends, and you will have to translate the commentary to English if your Danish game is slipping, but this site is a good spot to see how they represent in Denmark, and also who they are tuning into stateside.

Created by Chuck D as a place where pioneers who are still making music can have a forum and outlet, it’s a site I constantly motivated by because when I want to hear something new by a pioneer, there’s always something there.

Shameless plug—NOT. We’re still in beta mode, but if you check the videos, and the perspective of the articles and news we present, it’s cutting edge, and that’s what makes hip-hop powerful.

NPR Music

They don’t promote hip-hop exclusively, but when they do, it’s quality and intriguing stories. Listen to the interview with Melle Mel as an example of what I’m talking about.

Peace Out.

Jahi, a hip-hop artist and educator, writes a bi-weekly column on the music industry, politics, technology and education for He is the CEO of Microphone Mechanics, and an avid reader, chess player, and birdwatcher.


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