Justin Bua on Qbert and Mix Master Mike, and what else he has in store

October 23, 2011

With the second part of our interview with hip-hop fine artist Justin Bua, we’re going to touch upon the big attraction itself, the reunion show he’s throwing with Qbert and Mix Master Mike. Sure this is momentous, but why DJs, and why these two? If you missed out earlier, here’s the first part.

You’ve invited DJs Qbert and Mix Master Mike to be a part of your tour. In SF, they’re playing on the same stage together as well–the first time in 10 years. Why bring DJs—and those two in particular—to celebrate the book’s release?

Well first and foremost I consider them to be two of the greatest DJs that have ever graced this planet and the The Invisibl Skratch Piklz were one of the greatest groups that revolutionized this culture. Secondly, Qbert and Mike are like the Beatles. Sure Paul is great and John Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields on his own but together they are legendary. This is the first time Q and Mike are playing on the same stage in over 12 years! That’s like sexual chocolate or ill begotten street magic. It’s going to be insanity to the 5000th power.

What will be your part of the show? Are you planning on doing any live art?

No live art. I’ll leave that to the other great artists out there. I will however be speaking and performing about the history of this culture in the most unique way possible. Through a series of paintings and characters I am able to paint a picture of a time and place that can only be experienced through pictures and film. Now you can experience it through me.

We heard you are involved with a Current TV project…

You did? Until the contract is inked I really can’t say anything all…I can say is that although Conan wasn’t able to do the late night thing that doesn’t mean the Bua can’t!

We also heard you’re quite active in healthy living in hip-hop. What is this Power Health Drink you are involved with?

I have been a vegan for 16 years and I am a true believer in you are what you eat! So if you eat fast processed foods with hormones you will pay the price and ultimately be met with an untimely illness. Now if you are eating the best foods ever like, raw kale salads, Advocados, Cherries, organic nuts, olive oil, goji berries, cacoa, maca, E3 Live—and the list goes on—you’re going to feel insanely amazing! I am creating a super food drink mix, called Immortal Machine, with my business partner and nutritionist David Wolfe. He is the leading authority on raw superfoods on planet and he is the smartest man that I have personally ever met! He’s a genius.

Justin Bua will be the host of the show on November 10, at the Independent in San Francisco, where DJs Qbert and Mix Master Mike, world champion DJs from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz crew, will share a stage for the first time in 10 years. Along with the music, Bua will unveil visuals and paintings he’s done just for the show. It’s all to celebrate the release of Bua’s new book, The Legends of Hip Hop, a collection of essays and paintings Bua has created to honor the biggest figures in hip-hop history. Tickets for the show are available at TicketFly.

posted: October 23rd, 2011, 6:28am


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