Kendrick Lamar drops a challenge, and Twitter erupts

August 13, 2013

So last night, Big Sean non-chalantly leaks an outtake from his upcoming album Hall Of Fame, something done rather routinely in this day, when suddenly Black Twitter goes up in arms about the track. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but Kendrick Lamar’s epic 3-minute long guest verse on the track created a wild reaction both ecstatic and outraged. Simply put, what Kendrick did was add a bit of gruff to his voice and went off like a roman candle. Not once, but twice he claims to be the King of New York, calls names out indiscriminately, and threatens to end careers for no reason given. Granted he didn’t actually diss anymore, and the names he named were backhanded complements not actual threats. If anything, this verse was about as physically threatening as a teenage Brian Urlacher LARPing on that Old Spice commercial a few years back. But some people on Twitter just don’t understand what a challenge is and how to properly react to someone who artfully tells people it’s time to raise your game, these uptight people, god bless them.

Oh, and the verse is nice. Check it out below.

In the meantime, the VIT’s (very important tweeters) are chiming in, we’ll see soon enough who take up Kendrick’s challenge.

posted: August 13th, 2013, 1:47am

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