NPR posts the entire Roots album online before its release

November 29, 2011

undun is the thirteenth album by The Roots, and their first concept album, telling the story (abstractly) of a (fictional) Redford Stephens, who died at the age of 25. And now, thanks to the fine and admirable people of Public Broadcasting, we can all listen to the entirety of the album before it’s available for purchase, slated for December 6. And on first listen, one word comes through for me, and it’s focus—it’s easily the most focused I’ve heard the Roots in tone and mood, and even all the guest raps (by Big KRIT, PORN, Phonte, and others) contribute to the narrative instead of going off on their own tangents.

Listen to the album here:

posted: November 29th, 2011, 5:21pm

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