ADVERTISEMENT’s “Detroit State of Mind” goes inside of Danny Brown’s

May 14, 2012

Danny Brown is a distinctive dude: his hair, most obviously, but also the high-pitched whine of his flow, his a rapid-fire chuckle of a laugh, the somewhat awkward but kinetic way he carries himself, and a smile, with a tooth missing. No one quite like him in hip-hop right now, so naturally, cameras tend to gravitate toward him. Vice/Noisey did their little thing with Danny awhile back, but does it one better with this 20 minute documentary, “Detroit State of Mind”. They follow Danny around Detroit for a few days, talking to his family, following him to Dilla Day Detroit show earlier this year that marked J Dilla’s birth and death, going to the studio to check out what’s coming down the line from him, and ending with news coming about Whitney Houston’s death. All along, we get some stories about Danny from his his family, crewmates, and himself, including what it was like to serve a bid and how that changed him.

posted: May 14th, 2012, 6:46pm


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