Recap and Gallery: Mobb Deep

May 30, 2011

Mobb Deep 2

It’s a bit hard to not look at Mobb Deep and start thinking we’re watching their reincarnation. The group that personified the 90’s style of youthful street hip-hop reunited after a lengthy hiatus due to Prodigy’s legal problems and is touring the country to celebrate, stopping at the Mezzanine in San Fran on Sunday night. With the appearance, Mobb Deep came with a more mature, world-wise attitude and delivered a solid, nostalgic performance which placated the impatient and imbibed crowd that never cooperated much with the show’s MC and host, Flossafee.

Prodigy 1

Whatever cobwebs the duo had, there were not evident that night. Havok and Prodigy, relaxed and grateful to be back in the west coast after several years, gave the crowd exactly what they wanted without fillers or distractions. Backing them up was unofficial third member Big Noyd, a fireball of energy that made the sandpapery delivery of Havoc and Prodigy seem smooth in comparison. He made his introduction fittingly in time to rattle off his signature line, “Yo, it’s the R-A-double-P-E-R N-O-Y-D / Niggas can’t fuck with me!” Noyd would stay on the entire show, up to “Shook Ones Pt. II” and a set-ending tribute to Nate Dogg that featured Mobb Deep’s collaboration with Nate, “Dump”.

posted: May 30th, 2011, 6:45pm


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