Dumbfoundead, “Ganghis Khan”

​Parker is going ratchet dumb. Latest from Dumbfoundead’s mixtape Old Boy Jon. Watch


Swim Team Cypher 2013

The LA crew Swim Team is kind of a big deal. ​Lyraflip, Open Mike Eagle, Alpha MC, Verbs, and Parker (aka Dumbfoundead) show skills on a sparse soundstage,… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Clear”

Dumbfounded’s newest video is one slick effort with an interesting sound–if Japanese hip-hop ever went trap, this would be how it sounds like. ​Off of his… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Born For This”

Dumbfoundead works with producer Duke Westlake for a entire project, the free LP Old Boy Jon, and the first video from the collaboration is a chilled, laid back affair. Watch


Dumbfoundead, “10 Rounds”

In case you wanted to know what its like to be on an acid trip while watching a John Woo movie with a hot dog craving… New video directed by Nicolas Heller for a… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Take the Stares”

DFD tells his rags to riches story, strapping a GoPro on head to show you where he’s (literally) coming from. His self-released LP Take The Stares is out now on… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Korean Jesus”

The new track from DFD is a bit of a left turn for him, as he finds himself on the low end of the frequency range. Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Growing Young”

Dumbfoundead traces the line from childhood to where he is now (adulthood, maybe?) with the help of Sang Lee’s illustrations. Take the Stares is coming out… Watch


Dumbfoundead & Wax, “Guess Who” Live at the Troubadour

Wax and Dumbfoundead go over some (relatively) classic material from Wax’s Eviction Notice mixtape with a live band at LA’s Troubadour. Watch


Wax & EOM feat. Breezy Lovejoy, Dumbfoundead, Herbal T, AK, Yes, Davy, “Summer Breeze”

And now for a summer jam from the opposite coast—Wax, EOM and a handful of their closest buds jam a posse cut in a small apartment. Watch

The Dash

Dumbfoundead, “BRB” featuring Andrew Garcia

I don’t think there is really an official “LA sound” since the heyday of G-Funk, but with the output of artists like Wax, Shwayze, and this track from K-Town… Read