Dumbfoundead, “Born For This”

Dumbfoundead works with producer Duke Westlake for a entire project, the free LP Old Boy Jon, and the first video from the collaboration is a chilled, laid back affair.

posted: March 5th, 2013, 12:21am


Dumbfoundead, “Ganghis Khan”

​Parker is going ratchet dumb. Latest from Dumbfoundead’s mixtape Old Boy Jon. Watch


Swim Team Cypher 2013

The LA crew Swim Team is kind of a big deal. ​Lyraflip, Open Mike Eagle, Alpha MC, Verbs, and Parker (aka Dumbfoundead) show skills on a sparse soundstage,… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Clear”

Dumbfounded’s newest video is one slick effort with an interesting sound–if Japanese hip-hop ever went trap, this would be how it sounds like. ​Off of his… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “10 Rounds”

In case you wanted to know what its like to be on an acid trip while watching a John Woo movie with a hot dog craving… New video directed by Nicolas Heller for a… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Take the Stares”

DFD tells his rags to riches story, strapping a GoPro on head to show you where he’s (literally) coming from. His self-released LP Take The Stares is out now on… Watch


Dumbfoundead, “Korean Jesus”

The new track from DFD is a bit of a left turn for him, as he finds himself on the low end of the frequency range. Watch