Ka, “Born King N.Y.”

Another track from Grief Pedigree, but this time Ka, who directs his own videos, adds a bit of color to the visuals.

posted: August 17th, 2012, 2:20pm


Ka & Preservation, “Still Heir”

Still soft spoken with weighty subject matters, and still pairing them with starkly lit black and white cinematography, Ka releases a new track from his project… Watch


Ka, “Jungle”

​Brownsville’s Ka usually keeps his beats, like his videos and vocals, to a minimalist style, but this backing instrumentals has a more cinematic feel for this… Watch


Ka, “Peace Akhi”

“I play chess but my past is checkered” Ka continues his uncompromised output with a new self-directed effort fromThe Night’s Gambit. Watch


Ka, “Off The Record”

​Ka throws a shout-out to record heads and old school lovers in another beautifully minimalist video and track. From The Night’s Gambit. Watch


Ka feat. Roc Marciano, “Iron Age”

Lyrics first output in the New York style by some New York emcees. Ka collabs with Roc Marci, bringing their grit to the LA streets. The latest from Ka’s Grief… Watch


Ka, “No Downtime”

Ka, representing Brownsville, BK, has a real flair for black and white videography. He directs this video and provides the gritty rhymes to go along with it.… Watch