Lil B, “I’m God” Live at Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

​The Based One claims his divinity on a hot Chicago afternoon, and you can feel the unconditional love pouring from the stage.

posted: July 30th, 2013, 1:20am


Lil B, “F*ck KD (Kevin Durant diss)”

​Weirdest diss song you’ll hear this week. Off of Lil B’s Hoop Life mixtape. Watch


Lil B, “Lifes Hard”

You can set your calendar to Lil B mixtape releases, and the next tick here is called 100% Gutta. This track from the release continues his down-and-out struggle… Watch


Lil B, “Giving Up”

In a change of pace, Our Based God is looking less like a god and more like a hard luck bitten old soul, rapping about the struggles of life. Watch


Lil’ B, “Total Recall”

A bit of a switchup for the Based God here, with something more like spoken word than his usual MO. Watch


Lil B, “Spontaneous Combustion”

No hook, no nonsense from Lil B, and it might be the hardest rhyming I’ve heard in a while from the Based God. Watch


The Good Sin feat. Tay Sean, “Promise Me”

​With Andre 3k’s words ringing in his ears, Seattle emcee The Good Sin drops life lessons with a hypnotic lean. From his new album Life Before. Watch