Lil B, “Spontaneous Combustion”

No hook, no nonsense from Lil B, and it might be the hardest rhyming I’ve heard in a while from the Based God. Then again, its hard to catch up with all of his songs. He has alot of them!

posted: August 13th, 2012, 3:29am


Lil B, “No Black Person Is Ugly”

​Not even Kevin Durant. It’s a mellowed out and contemplative Based God from his upcoming mixtape, Ultimate Bitch. Watch


Lil B, “F*ck KD (Kevin Durant diss)”

​Weirdest diss song you’ll hear this week. Off of Lil B’s Hoop Life mixtape. Watch


Lil B, “I’m God” Live at Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

​The Based One claims his divinity on a hot Chicago afternoon, and you can feel the unconditional love pouring from the stage. Watch


Lil B, “Lifes Hard”

You can set your calendar to Lil B mixtape releases, and the next tick here is called 100% Gutta. This track from the release continues his down-and-out struggle… Watch


Lil B, “Giving Up”

In a change of pace, Our Based God is looking less like a god and more like a hard luck bitten old soul, rapping about the struggles of life. Watch


Lil’ B, “Total Recall”

A bit of a switchup for the Based God here, with something more like spoken word than his usual MO. Watch