Paper Tiger, “The Fortunate Wayfarer”

The producer behind the Minnesota collective Doomtree does the solo thing on this lively and upbeat instrumental track, with acoustic strings and hard snares. His Summer EP is out on iTunes and Bandcamp.

posted: August 15th, 2012, 1:58am


Doomtree, “Team the Best Team”

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Dessa, “Fighting Fish”

Doomtree’s Dessa presents her lively manifesto of hard work. ​From her latest full-length Parts of Speech. Watch


Doomtree, “Team The Best Team” Live at KEXP

The 7-deep Minneapolis hip-hop crew/commune Doomtree visits KEXP studios in Seattle and drop their simmering and brassy track from their album No Kings. Watch


Roddy, “Break Bread”

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The Underachievers, “Metropolis”

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STS, “Why Can’t I Say It”

​The n-word is a complex subject, especially when non-blacks use it, and STS breaks it down throughly with probably more depth than any rap before it. Off of… Watch