P.O.S, “Fuck Your Stuff”

Doomtree’s P.O.S is disrespecting your material things. Watch him riff on guitars before burning them on this video for a track off of his coming LP We Don’t Even Live Here.

posted: September 11th, 2012, 3:50pm


Doomtree, “Team the Best Team”

Here’s the official video to Doomtree’s posse cut, a splice of tour footage the Minneapolis collective collected—which happens to be from their new… Watch


P.O.S, “Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats”

​It’s great to see P.O.S is back doing shows, and to support, Marijuana Deathsquad remixed his last album and the project is going to be a free downloadable… Watch


P.O.S feat. HOUSEMEISTER, “Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here)”

​The genre-boundary-defying (and kidney-crashing-but-still-surviving) P.O.S raps on beats that sit somewhere between house and punk. Latest track from his… Watch


P.O.S feat. Mike Mictlan, “Get Down

P.O.S’ dexterity in styles is on display as he mixes some dubstep wobbles along with fellow Doomtree comrade Mike Mictlan. We Don’t Even Live Here is available… Watch

The Dash

P.O.S postpones tour in favor of kidney transplant

P.O.S’ career has been looking up, as the Doomtree member was garnering wider recognition outside of his native Minnesota with a release of his new album through… Read


P.O.S, “Bumper”

Live for The Current 89.3’s camera at the Minnesota State Fair, Doomtree’s P.O.S. kicks complex lyrics over a some overdriven electronic rock. Watch