Quelle Chris feat. Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily, Cavalier, “Green Eyes”

​One thing about Quelle Chris is that he does sound completely different on every track he makes, and this one is no diff, even if it is rather different. Chris’ next project is called Niggas Is Men.

posted: May 3rd, 2013, 2:18am


Hologram Kizzie feat. Hood Internet, Tanya Morgan, Fluffy, “A New Phaze”

​The former Psalm One tries some slaps on for size with some help from her friends. From the Chicago emcee’s latest effort Hug Life. Watch


Quelle Chris, “Ghost At The Finish Line”

Looks like Chris is continuing his quest into mindfuckery, this time using plenty of electrofunk, black lights, and Halloween costume store leftovers. Off of… Watch


Tanya Morgan, “Worldmade”

For their anthem on the hustle, Tanya Morgan follows the training regimen of kickboxer Angela “Overkill” Hill to illustrate their points. Latest output from… Watch


Tanya Morgan feat. Nitty Scott, MC, “Never Too Much”

​There’s something about Nitty that reminds me of Shorty No Mas doing a bunch of features for De La Soul. Maybe cos both of those girls sound basically the… Watch


Tanya Morgan, “Pick It Up”

​Donwill and Von Pea records with a live band, doing their thing while the funky drummer goes off. From their upcoming album Rubber Souls. Watch


Quelle Chris feat. Cavalier, “Addiction Cycles”

Quelle puts the jokes aside for a second in favor of some real talk on the subject of addiction. ​Off of Niggas is Men. Watch