Quelle Chris, “Ghost At The Finish Line”

Looks like Chris is continuing his quest into mindfuckery, this time using plenty of electrofunk, black lights, and Halloween costume store leftovers. Off of Quelle Chris’ new album Ghost At The Finish Line.

posted: January 14th, 2014, 1:25am


Quelle Chris feat. Cavalier, “Addiction Cycles”

Quelle puts the jokes aside for a second in favor of some real talk on the subject of addiction. ​Off of Niggas is Men. Watch


Quelle Chris feat. Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily, Cavalier, “Green Eyes”

​One thing about Quelle Chris is that he does sound completely different on every track he makes, and this one is no diff, even if it is rather different.… Watch


Quelle Chris feat. Cavalier, “We Eat It”

​Quelle Chris strikes a serious note this time, questioning the food choices that we make. His new project Niggas Is Men is coming up. Watch


Quelle Chris, “Ratshit”

Depending on your perspective, Quelle Chris is either parodying dance clubby, electro ratchet raps, or paying tribute to it. That he’s doing both is a possibility. Watch


Quelle Chris, “Milky”

Quelle Chris reminisces on a memorable night with a stream of consciousness that happens to rhyme. Watch

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