Roc Marciano, “Deeper”

Roc Marciano’s flow is smoldering and slow-burning, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hot. Off of Roc Marci’s Decon Records release, Reloaded.

posted: December 7th, 2012, 11:29am


Roc Marciano feat. Freeway, Knowledge The Pirate, “Didn’t Know”

Its all about contrasts in this track, as Freeway adds his gruff to Roc Marci’s soft spoken street talk. Latest video from Roc Marci’s latest album Marci… Watch


Roc Marciano feat. Knowledge The Pirate, “Slingers”

Blacksploitation vibes with a sweet flute loop smother the beat as Roc Marci and Knowledge trade underworld stories. From Roc Marcianos’ Bandcamp release The… Watch


Roc Marciano and Madlib, “The Sacrifice”

Madlib producing tracks for streetwise rappers is a trend we can hope will never end. Roc Marci’s soft spoken pimpness finds a ready match in Lib’s hyperactive… Watch


P-Money feat. Roc Marciano, “The Professional”

New Zealand producer P-Money generates a beat with some sleazy undertones, and Roc Marci relays a underworld tale in his usual understated delivery. New from… Watch


Roc Marciano, “76”

Director Jason Goldwatch is making modern-day New York look like it did 37 years ago while Roc Marci riffs on themes that seem timeless in the Big Apple. Off of Reloaded. Watch


Ka feat. Roc Marciano, “Iron Age”

Lyrics first output in the New York style by some New York emcees. Ka collabs with Roc Marci, bringing their grit to the LA streets. The latest from Ka’s Grief… Watch