Sasha Go Hard, “Out The Bottle”

​Sasha gets turnt, with help from Diplo (yeah, that Diplo) on the beats. From an upcoming untitled EP due in May.

posted: March 20th, 2014, 1:49am


Sasha Go Hard feat. Chella H, “PLB”

Sasha and the homegirl Chella H don’t claim PYT, quite the opposite really, and if you need a danceable reminder to that fact then here you go. Watch


Young Elz feat. Sasha Go Hard, “Let You Know”

​Young Elz and Sasha Go Hard takes Aaliyah’s vocals from “Are You That Somebody” and meshes it seamlessly into the drill aesthetic. From Elz’s new mixtape… Watch


Sasha Go Hard, “Facts”

Forty hard bars from Sasha (with a dimly shot video to match) opens up and sets the mood for her latest mixtape Feel So Good. Watch


Sasha Go Hard, “Own Lane”

A plaintive Sasha outline the path that got her to the spot she has now, complete with some eyebrow-raising lines. From her mixtape Nutty World. Watch


Sasha Go Hard feat. Tink, “Problem”

And you wonder why she’s called Sasha Go Hard–The Chicago rhymester and her rapid-fire staccato flows goes all out on this floor thrasher of a track with… Watch


Sasha Go Hard, “GIVENOFUCK”

Sasha shift down in tempo just a bit, but still maintains her sledgehammer-like quality in her delivery. Latest from her upcoming mixtape Nutty World. Watch