Stryfe and Marc Byrd feat. Miz Korona, Skorpion, “Organ Donor”

Stryfe of the bicoastal Local-Mu12 crew paired with producer Marc Byrd for a project, and their first single has a bit of reggae and prog-rock flavor to it. ​Off of Stryfe and Marc Byrd’s The Last Resorts, available in May.

posted: April 12th, 2013, 1:57am


Big K.R.I.T. feat. Raphael Saadiq - Soul Food

​Easily K.R.I.T.‘s most powerful poetic commentary this year, with the soulful vocals of Saadiq and visuals that let the Southern soul shine. Watch


J. Cole - Apparently

First video release from new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Apparently we believe in him…and he delivers. Watch


Chris Brown feat. Jhene Aiko - Drunk Texting

“Drunk Texting” from Chris Brown’s new album “X” feat. Jhene Aiko. Watch


Azealia Banks - Chasing Time

Striking black and white visuals and choreography to match this epic single from Broke with Expensive Taste Watch


Rapsody - Drama

Video release from one of 2014’s best, Beauty and the Beast. Rapsody is fearless in the face of drama while lyrically lashing every piece of our modern chaos. Watch


Kendrick Lamar - i

​Sing it. Feel it. Self-love. This is hip-hop. Watch