Zion-I, “Human Being”

The beat might had been made by machines but only people can make it bounce like this. Here’s Zumbi and AmpLive’s second release from ShadowBoxing.

posted: October 2nd, 2012, 2:58am


Zion-I, “Masters of Ceremony”

The otherwise worldly Zion-I drop a track thats strictly Oaklandish in character, from the flows to the drum samples. Also, peep the Sister Nancy sample, about… Watch


Zion-I, “Supreme”

​The graf themed video for this Zion-I track features San Francisco graf artist Apex. Off of their new EP Masters of Ceremony. Watch


Zion-I feat. Collie Buddz, “Sex Wax”

​Zion-I is showing off their versatility on ShadowBoxing, as they prove they can rock any kind of party. This one is for the nightlife/colored lights crowd,… Watch


Zion-I, “The Vapors”

​Zion-I celebrates 4/20 with a video dedicated to their favorite mind alterance. Its the title track off their free EP The Vapors, also released today. Watch


Zion-I, “ShadowBoxing”

Naturally, the video for the title track to Zion-I’s new LP ShadowBoxing is going to feature a few roundhouses. Watch


Zion-I feat. D.U.S.T., Codany Holiday, “Trapped Out”

Zumbi and D.U.S.T. puts down their thoughts about the trap, and it’s not all gold chains and rubber bands. New from Zion-I’s ShadowBoxing. Watch